Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer discount codes?
Unfortunately, we do not offer discount codes.

Do you have a physical store in the United States?
We currently do not have a physical store in the United States.

Is this the same store as The Noble Collection UK? Can I order a product from you that they have, and you don't?
The Noble Collection US and The Noble Collection UK function as two separate businesses under the same corporate umbrella. As such, sometimes they have products that we do not and vice versa. Unfortunately, we would not be able to order products from them to ship to you directly.

Do you offer wholesale?
For wholesale inquiries, we recommend that you go through Diamond Comic Distributors. Their website is and their phone number is (443) 318-8500. They would have specific information about wholesale requirements and availability.

Are these the same wands I saw at Universal Studios/Warner Bros Studio Tour?
We do supply wands to both of those locations, as well as other merchandise. However, both locations also sell merchandise that we do not produce.

Can you provide a return label?
We hope you’ll be happy with your products, but if you need to return an item for any reason, please refer to The Noble Collection Returns Policy.

If you have received a damaged or faulty item, please get in contact with us before returning and we will endeavor to get this sorted for you as soon as possible. By contacting us first, we can provide pre-paid returns labels for damaged or faulty items only.

Are the wands suitable for children?
Our resin wands are authentic hand-painted prop replicas, and due to this, they are designed as collectible items and not toys; if dropped or mishandled, there is the possibility of damage.

I received an email/voicemail telling me to get in contact. What is this for?
Recently we have noticed an increase in online credit card fraud, so we have implemented a Fraud Policy for all orders over $150. This means that we will get in touch with you via the number provided so we can confirm the card is being used by the cardholder; we do this for our customers’ protection.

We will leave a message if we can’t get in touch, or send an email to arrange a call. Orders may be subject to delays or cancelled if we cannot get in touch. You can also call our Customer Service team directly at 1-800-866-0232 or 703-689-4077 (international) Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, EST.

Delivery may take longer if you have placed an order over $150.00 and we are unable to reach you, as we cannot dispatch the order until contact has been made. If after several attempts we cannot reach you, your order may be cancelled.

Your billing address/name must be correct.

Can I order the name tags for the wands separately?
We do have a selection of name tags available for purchase. At this time, the only name tags available for purchase are for the characters that currently come in the Ollivander prop replica box. Please contact a member of our Customer Service Team for further assistance with placing an order.

How can I suggest a new product/provide feedback?
We love hearing from our customers! Please contact a member of our Customer Service Team to submit your suggestion or feedback. While we appreciate all of our customer’s feedback and suggestions, please note that these suggestions are accepted for potential consideration and may not be used in the development of future products.

Do you offer gift certificates or gift cards?
We do offer Gift Certificates at varying amounts. Please call our Customer Service team at 1-800-866-0232 (Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., EST) to place an order for a gift certificate.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we do ship internationally. Regretfully, we are unable to ship globally at this time, but all the countries we ship to can be found in the drop-down list on the address submission portion in the checkout cart. More info regarding international shipping, international shipping quotes, and import fees can be found on our Shipping Page.

Do you ship to P.O. boxes?
No. Unfortunately, as we ship exclusively with UPS at this time, we are unable to ship to P.O. boxes. Some exceptions may apply.

Why are there two different wands for the same characters for sale?
Some of our character wands are available in a standard collector’s wand box as well as an Ollivander wand box. The wands are exactly the same, but the presentation is different. The Ollivander wand boxes are part of the prop replica, whereas the collector’s boxes are more for storage than display. In addition, some characters from the films have used more than one wand during the film series, and we have select versions of those available as well.

Why do I see a duplicate charge on my account?
We do not charge for items until they are shipped from our warehouse. However, you may see a temporary authorization on your account making your funds unavailable. This is standard practice to confirm the payment method provided. In some cases, timing may work out where you order an item that is on backorder and the order is put on hold after receiving a temporary authorization; and then the item comes in before the authorization expires. This may sometimes result in a double authorization on your account. However, only one of those authorizations will be processed and become an actual charge; the extra authorization will expire in a time frame determined by your bank or credit card company. If you have any questions about possible duplicate authorizations from The Noble Collection, please contact our Customer Service team for assistance.