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Minecraft Chess Set

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Minecraft Chess Set
If you're always thinking several moves ahead, show off your strategic gaming skills in real life with this Minecraft chess set. Will you play as the friendly Overworld characters or take the side of the dark hostile mobs?

- Elevate your game with this unique chess set that combines the strategic world of chess and the online world of Minecraft for players from noobs to grandmasters.

- The 18"" square chess board features a wood-like frame around a playing surface of ‘‘grass’ in textured shades of green, surrounded by Minecraft logos in a metallic finish, suitable for the game of kings (and Steves).

- This set includes 32 game pieces with textures and finishes that resemble marbled stone, obsidian, redstone or emerald.

- Like most things in Minecraft, some assembly is required! The board arrives as four interlocking quadrants which can be easily disassembled for more convenient storage.

- For Minecraft fans ages 8+

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