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A                                                         C

                                                                                           A  Hedwig   Owl Post
                                                                                              Wall Décor

                                                                                              Finely crafted and hand-
                                                                                              painted sculpt of Hedwig
                                                                                              to be displayed on wall.
                                                                                              Features a scroll with a wax
                                                                                              seal. Measures approximately
                                                                                              18 inches in length.
                                                                                              NN8965      $75
                                                                                           B  Hogwarts  TM
                                                                                              An amazingly detailed and
                                                                                              accurate hand-painted sculpture
                                                                                              of Hogwarts. 13 inches in height.
                                                                                              NN7074   $295
                                                                                              Ground shipping only.
                                                                                           C  Bendable Cornish Pixie
                                                                                              Intricately detailed Cornish
                                                                                              Pixie figure that is bendable
                                                                                              and poseable. Measures
                                                                                              approximately 7 inches tall.
                                                                                              NN9017    $9.95

                                                                                              The Dementors  TM
                                                                                           D  Crystal Ball
                                                                                              Crafted in pewter and wood
              D                                             E                                 with a crystal clear glass ball.
                                                                                              NN7062     $65
                                                                                              Salazar Slytherin’s
                                                                                           E  Locket

                                                                                              The Horcrux locket
                                                                                              is an authentic prop
                                                                                              replica. Collector
                                                                                              display box included.
                                                                                              NN7968      $49
                                                                                              Bellatrix  Lestrange
                                                                                           F  Dagger
                                                                                              Authentic prop replica
                                                                                              crafted in die cast metal.
                                                                       F                      Measures 7.5 inches and
                                                                                              comes with collector wood
                                                                                              box. A collectible piece,
                                                                                              not intended as a toy.
                                                                                              Age 15+
                                                                                              NN7555     $55

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