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Chocolate Frog Prop Replica
                                                                                      Features a non-edible Chocolate Frog Prop Replica as
                                                                                      seen at Honeydukes™ Sweetshop. Squash it, stretch
                                                                                      it, squish it, or just admire it on your desk.  Includes
                                                                                      a detailed keepsake box and a Dumbledore™ Famous
                                                                                      Witches and Wizards Card.
                                                                                      NN7428    $14.95

                   Hedwig  Owl Post
                   Wall Décor
                   Finely crafted and hand-painted
                   sculpt of Hedwig  to be displayed
                   on wall.  Features a scroll with a
                   wax seal. Measures approximately
                   18 inches in length.
                   NN8965      $75

                                                      Crest Wall Art
                                                      Intricately detailed
                                                      and hand-painted.
                                                      Measures 11 x 12
                                                      inches tall.
                                                      NN7741  $55

                                              The Triwizard Champions
                                              Wand Set

                                              Includes the wands of Harry Potter,
                                              Cedric Diggory, Fleur Delacour and Viktor
                                              Krum. Display measures 17 inches high.
                                              NN7008       $149
                                              Ground shipping only.

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